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The Casino St. Moritz offers a total of 3x American Roulette tables, 2x Blackjack tables, 1x Ultimate Texas Hold'Em poker table with Progressive Jackpot.
In addition for our most discerning players 1x Punto Banco table is available upon request only and based on final management decision.


American Roulette

“Whoever was the inventor of Roulette, he has created a perfect and thoroughly thought-out masterpiece. The design of the layout itself, its conception, the distribution of numbers, the combinations, the principle and the manner in which the payment is calculated – they all bear the mark of a genius and deserve our admiration.” (Anonymous – 17th century).

Roulette is probably the most exciting game of chance in the world. It was first played in the 17th century in the amusement parlours of Paris – and the basic rules remain unchanged to this day.

Since then roulette has conquered the gambling world and can be found today in almost every casino.

Minimum bet on numbers: CHF 5

Minimum bet on outside chances: CHF 25

Black Jack

“If only man was not so serious and diligent and would not devote himself to gambling, so he would not unwittingly grow crazy or weak & tired.” King Aramis (570 BC).

After its first appearance in Italy in the 13th century, this card game established itself in the 15th and 16th centuries across Europe. Soon enough it was recognised that Black Jack could be more than just an amusing pastime. Card games became an effective way to allow the pleasure of gambling money with the fun of play.

In the first gaming rooms the variety of card games was overwhelming: “Lomber”, “Rouge et Noir”, “Call” and the unrivalled favorite “Seventeen and Four”. The ability and desire of human beings to invent new card games was and is without limits.

The mathematical possibilities a deck of cards makes Black Jack such a success. Easy to learn, difficult to master.

Minimum bet per box: CHF 10

Minimum optional bet on Perfect Pairs: CHF 5


Ultimate Texas Hold'em Poker with Jackpot

Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em with Jackpot is an exciting poker game with hole cards and community cards, which is played against the bank and also offers optional side bets.

The aim of the game is, from 7 cards (2 of your own, or “hole” cards & 5 community cards), to form the best possible five card poker hand. The final decision on whether to raise or not must be made only after you have seen all the community cards. However, the sooner you decide, the more you can raise.

The additional “Trips” bonus bet is paid as soon as your final hand of five cards shows three of a kind or better. Furthermore the “Progressive Jackpot” bonus bet is paid from Full house or above.

Minimum “Ante” and “Blind” bet: CHF 5 each

Minimum optional “Trips” bet: CHF 5

Fixed optional “Progressive Jackpot” bet: CHF 5


Punto Banco

Punto Banco is a card game similar to baccarat. The object of the game is to select whose hand – the player punto or the banker “banco” – will get closest to nine without going over. In Punto Banco you can bet against yourself, so you can still win if you bet on the banker’s hand being closer to nine than your own.

This is different to blackjack, where you are always trying to beat the dealer. The game is played using six decks of cards dealt from a shoe.

In Punto Banco face cards and 10s have a value of zero. Aces are always worth one, with all other cards worth their face value. When the sum of two or more cards is greater than 10, the score is the final number. For example, if you are dealt 6-5, resulting in a total of 11, your score is 1.

An easy way to work this out is to subtract 10 from any number above 10.

*Available upon request only and based on final management decision.

Minimum bet: CHF 50

Minimum Égalitè bet: CHF 10