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Information Responsible Gaming

Article 76 of the Gambling Act (BGS) requires the operators of a casino to set out in a social concept what actions the casino wants to take to prevent the socially harmful effects of gambling and to ensure the protection of players. According to this article and the associated implementing legislation (Art. 48 Casino Ordinance), the casino has to define concrete actions in the social concept:

  • for transparent information of the player
  • for the early detection of gamblers at risk
  • for self-controls, game restrictions and game moderation
  • for imposing and implementing game bans
  • for the training and regular further training of the personnel entrusted with the implementation of the social concept
  • to collect data to evaluate the effectiveness of measures taken
  • for cooperation with an addiction center and therapy facility


The social concept of Casino St. Moritz is based on the result of extensive clarifications and investigations by our social advisory employees, as well as on the findings from practical application during the past 20 years.

The implementation and compliance with the social concepts is monitored by the Social Advisory Board and monitored by the Federal Gaming Board (ESBK). The processes on which social protection is based and the results are regularly checked and continuously optimized through internal and external audits.

In order to clarify which steps are necessary to maintain reasonable gaming behavior or to stop playing for money, we recommend a personal interview. Please contact an employee of our casino directly if you want to have a confidential conversation.

The Swiss law on casinos stipulates that guests who encounter problems in connection with gambling can also be held against their will. The casino staff is trained to recognize gambling addiction as best as possible and to impose a game suspension depending on the situation.

Immediate support

Contact directly a member of staff at the Casino St. Moritz. You can also call a casino of your choice and ask for the person responsible for the social concept. Either way, you will be supported quickly, easily and discreetly.