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Gambling Exclusion

Voluntary game exclusions are an effective means of self-protection if you notice that you are playing more than you can afford.

You have two options for this:

You can apply for the voluntary game ban in person at the casino. All you need is an official valid personal document (ID, passport or driver’s license). It is best to ask a responsible person when entering the casino. You will receive information about the conditions of a lifting of the game ban as well as about possible advice with external specialist agencies.

You can also download a form from this website and apply for the voluntary ban in writing. Send the completed form together with a copy of your valid ID (ID, passport or driver’s license) to a Swiss casino of your choice. The form is only valid with your signature.

The game ban is valid for an indefinite period. Voluntary exclusion can be lifted at the earliest three months after the release date. An application can be made for the game exclusion ordered by the casino if the reason for the game ban no longer exists. For the procedure for removing a ban, please contact the casino that issued the ban.

After the game ban is lifted, the data will be deleted immediately.

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Immediate Support

Contact directly a member of staff at the Casino St. Moritz. You can also call a casino of your choice and ask for the person responsible for the social concept. Either way, you will be supported quickly, easily and discreetly.