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Dress Code

At Casino St.Moritz we believe visiting the casino is a special occasion and we request our guests to dress accordingly.

To ensure that all our guests can enjoy comfortable and sophisticated surroundings, we take care to maintain a clean and cultivated look.

We would very much appreciate it if we can welcome our guests who are dressed appropriately and follow our simple guidelines.

Casual smart dress code is required with the following prohibitions.

Examples of Casual smart dress code – see on the right

  • No Soiled or Dirty Clothing

  • No Headwear

  • No Sunglasses

  • No Open Sandals or Slippers

  • No Military Fatigues

  • No Provocative Slogans

  • No Sleeveless Shirts (men only)

  • No Ski Boots & No Ski Clothes

  • No Short Pants (men only)

We are always happy to store your outerwear, bags, laptops etc in our garderobe for your convenience and safety.